Khmer rouge

I’ve been joining Khmer rouge exploration. In this exploration, I’ve learned about the history of Cambodia, and especially during Khmer rouge. It’s such an amazing time for me to learn about my own country’s history. There are so many things that surprise me and that I’ve never tough in government school. It’s important to learn about our history because we need to know what was it like before the day we live in and also to not follow the bad things that our old leader have experience. To lead the better country you need to know how many leaders have failed to lead the country and you need to know the reason, after learning about the history you might have a better idea to change your country. In case of just learning in class, we did visit S-21 and Killing file to learn more about Khmer rouge and to see what did they use those places for? I learned more and was surprised by the information I’ve learned there. If you want to learn more about the history of Khmer rouge you can also visit S-21 or the Killing file in Cambodia.

Everyone in this exploration was so shocked and wanted to share with other people. The facilitator has an idea of bringing the staff in our school to those places so that we can give them a chance to learn about our country’s history. I was so happy to be able to lead people there because as you know learning about our country’s history is important. 

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