Multimedia Storytelling

EXO, WE ARE ONE. There were so many things that happened to EXO. I’ve known some about it and I can see that there are so many things happened to those amazing people. Sad, happy, excited, everything happened to them. This shows that being a k-pop idol is not easy but also fun and being loved by so many people. I personally like to listen to EXO songs, they are really good, especially when I’m feeling down. I’ve learned a lot by making this timeline. I’ve learned about how to make this timeline because it’s the first time for me and also I’ve learned more about EXO. 

Here is the link to my timeline, try it out….


Multimedia storytelling

It’s been 13 years that an airport in Battambong city has developed. Most places are developing and the trees are also gone time by time. But this place is different from others, while it’s developing the tree are also start increasing. Even people don’t use this place like an airport anymore but this place still develops. And if you want to see how much this place has changed please click