How I change Cambodia.

Sharing your knowledge to 45 students all by yourself. Can you imagine what it’s like? 

It okay for a teacher to teach 45 students but it hard for a little girl like me to teach 45 students plus a teacher. My friends have spent a seven-week study on plastic and I’ve learned some from them at the sharation day when students at my school share about what they have learned. After listening to my friend sharation I’ve been interested in an exploration call `plastic exploration. I’ve learned how plastic effect the eath and what we can do to help these problems. After I’ve learned this I can see that to help with these problems we can’t do it by our self, we need everyone in the world to help. I’ve been sharing this message and ask to help from 45 students in my government school. I’ve shared what problems will cause when we use plastic? And what can we do to help with it? I shared those message and asked them to share it with their family and their friend that are not there when I present. It’s easy to share what you know but it hard to share it with a lot of people, you need a lot of work and confident. Even if I can’t talk to people all around the word about this but at least I did help by sharing my knowledge to kids that haven’t study about it and help them to take action. I’m happy to be a part to change my country.