Literacy round 5

In literacy, this round is independent work. Actually, our teacher has tasks for us to do but we just have to manage our time for the tasks, what day will you do it? 

What time will you do it? And, why are you doing it? I like this type of study because I can manage my time about my task and I also have some free time at night with my friends. This doesn’t give me a rush because I have more time to do it but before my class changes the pattern I was always in a rush and I have homework every night. So what did I do in my independent work? I did HICC, reading skill and novel reading. HICC is How I change Cambodia. This is how I share with people what did I change my country even in a small way. In reading skill time I need to read and do some exercise to warm up my brain for literacy and at least read something for a day. For novel reading, each student has to pick a book to read and after the students read their book they have to do book report to show what did they read and what did they have learned from the book.

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