HOORAY! It’s been a round of study but hmmm what did I learn in literacy class. For this round, I’ve learned a lot about happiness. What is happiness? How can we achieve it? Why it is important? I watched a video about a happy man. I hope you know Mr. happy man. He is a really happy man. He went to the road every day to say Hi! and to say I love you. He said, “People may be happy when they know that they are loved by someone.” A girl that ride past that road every day said “ In the morning I was made, On my way to work I saw a man who stays near the road and waving at other people and says I love you. First I pretend that I didn’t see him because I was made but I can’t control myself. When I look at him I feel better. I feel like this old man can smile why I can’t and I know that love me and I feel really happy because I know that I’m loved by someone.” After watching the video it’s inspired me to smile more, don’t think about problems too much and don’t forget to show people that you love them so that they make feel better when they drop down. I’ve also written an essay about how to be happy. Let’s see what did I write.


How to be happy when you are sad

Everyone in this world has this one feeling which is sadness. Sadness is emotional pain. And I know that it’s hard to control yourself when you are sad. When people talking about funny things or joke but it seems like those are not joking to you at all. Everyone has that one feeling. Don’t you worry it’ll be fine. Below are the ideas of “ how to be happy?”

Talk to a friend about your problem.

For me whenever I feel sad I’ll always talk to my best friend and if you feel the same way please try to talk to your friend, the one that you feel close with to share your story. Also when you are taking with them it’s okay for you to cry because crying can also release your sadness. When I talk to some about my problem I feel like someone know about me. They know that I’m sad they know what happened to me. Sometimes the person that you talk to may have the same problem as you and you may know each other more.

Listen to music

Sometimes talking to a friend just talking with a friend is not enough you need to open your mind and think about something happy or the good thing that may happen in your future. You can also try to listen to your favorite music, or do what you like to do, and sometimes you may think about the fun times that you have been through. For me, I live with another friend so when they are having a joke or story to share I might just go and listen to them maybe the story is so good that I may forget that sadness.  

Be Happy with what you have

Amanda Bynes has said, “People should find happiness in the little things, like family.” When you are sad and you want to be happy, know that you are lucky that you are alive. There are many atoms that chasing you to get born and grow and being a human and they didn’t get it but you get it. Always remember that you are lucky and you are the best and happy with it. Tell yourself that you should be happy because you are alive. Always to remember that there are reasons to be happy but you may not notice it so thinks about what you have and be happy about it.

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