In my project, I’ve learned about engineering I’ve also learned about simple machine and what is engineering? There are six types of engineering those are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. I’ve learned about engineering because I want to know more about engineering and I want to do something to help my country about engineering. I choose engineering and I’ve learned a lot about it. I’ve been to three government school to eat kids on six grade about a little engineering and teach them to make something creative that Liger student thought of. The trip was great I got to meet a lot of kids and my team even teach kids about frisbee and it was fun and educational.


For this round math class, I’ve learned about the angle. I’ve learned about type and name of angle there are acute angle, right angle, straight angle, reflex angle, and obtuse angle. In class, I’ve solved many problems and it’s kind of hard. Angle has a lot of tricky question. Because angle has a lot of names it’s hard for me to remember, but I still remember that there are vertically opposite, complementary angles, supplementary angle and one other has no name.

How I change Cambodia

My name is Lyhour I’m 13 years old I study at Liger Leadership Academy. Liger is the best project leaning school. we start to change Cambodia by doing some project. such as Geography, Entrepreneurship, Human of Cambodia and Amazing Bamboo.

For Geography exploration,

I learned about Geography this project makes us know something amazing in our country and we also made the book to share to Cambodia kids to know about their country. Example when did Angkor started and also some of the histories of each province in Cambodia. Entrepreneurship, in this project we learn how to make a business. The business also teaches us to make a thing that no volume to have volume it teaches us about making the thing that no value to having value.   As you know the trash has no value so we can create trash to be something like a necklace and wire string to wire string rings.


Human of Cambodia, in this exploration we learn about people in Cambodia. We went to some place to interview people about their life story. After the interview, we take their quote and their picture to put in our school. we have the share ration in school and we have been to Meta house, we share the story the quote and we also have some pictures for them. This exploration helps us understand people in Cambodia.


Amazing bamboo, in this exploration we learn how to make the thing from bamboo example pencil case, cup jewelry and more. Do you know there are many bamboos in Cambodia? Some people cut down bamboo to sale but what if we just stop cutting too much bamboo to be just a little and we the bamboo that we cute is not for sale to the other country but we take that bamboo to me something creative. All of this is what I have learned from Liger and myself. What I can help Cambodia is I have to teach this thing and explain them. No one will help you if you don’t help yourself.


Secret code

Have you ever want to send a message but you don’t want other people to understand that massage beside the person that you send to. In code club, there is a lesson that we code about secret massage. When you code you have to put a key for the code, it has to number but it’s can be any number. For me, I choose number three. When you write something to your friend you can use that key to help if you say “hi” the turn to “kl”. Why? The reason that it’s show “kl” because as I said if you put the key it will move the letter three forward and also you have to tell computer by coding you have to put [ newPosition = ( position + key) % 26 ] so that when you write something the later will move forward but if you receive a secret message you can ask the person that sent the message to you about, what key did they use so that you can understand the code, also when you receive the code you need to chat from [ newPosition = ( position + key) % 26 ] to [ newPosition = ( position – key) % 26 ] so that when you take the secret message to the code it shows what that people mean. You can this yourself.

Hope you understand and enjoy.