Outdoor leadership

In this project, we have learned a lot of things. We also have trip repliction to know what we have learned in each trip and there it is!

Kirirom Trip

It’s been great on this trip. We have learned many things. We have to walk 3km to get to the waterfall. When we get to the waterfall, teachers told us to write a reflection about the waterfall and everyone was quiet and did a good job what teachers have told us to do. After that reflection, we have to walk back 3km to get to the big road. When we arrived the big road, we were losing where to go but we have the map and we were asking people about the place that we want to go because not anyone of us has been there before. We when to Sras Srong to see the view. Our teacher saw that place was a good place to camp so our teacher told us that we have to sleep here. We have a problem with cooking because the gas doesn’t work. But we all try hard to find wood and make campfire and luckily we found a thing that we can make the fire in it easier. Some of us are hungry but we still wait for everyone to have their food and it is such as sweet time that we have together. At night we have some marshmallow to eat and it is my first to born marshmallow at eating it with chocolate and thing like that. At night we sit around campfire and share about what when well, what didn’t go well and what we hope that it will happen tomorrow.

In the morning it was raining really hard so some of still sleeping in tents. After the rain has gone we get out of the tent and do some exercises. Then we start playing ninja game and then the rain comes again. So we have to stay there for about 30-40 minute. The rain was gone so we have to keep moving to another place call Otasek. The road is so small to walk and there is some tree that falls down across the road that hard for us to walk across but because we help each other and we all can go across it and have fun together.

Mondol Kiri trip:

We have spent four and three night in Mondol Kiri it has been such as good. We have learned a lot in that trip for me before I thought that I couldn’t work for ten Km but on this trip, I’ve worked for 12 Km so I proud of my self that I can do it. After that trip, I always tell my self that I can do it even though I think that I can’t do it because the future is unknown. I’ve also learned how to work in teams, how to do CPR, how to save people life when they get accident, how to build fire without lighter and special one is that how to take care of myself when I’m sick because I was sick on that trip and it is not a good time to sick because we have to work and if I’m sick how can I walk by myself and I can’t explore thing if I’m sick so I have to control my self from sickness to better so that I can do what my friends can do.

It was hard for me sometime to work in team because we have different idea so what I can do is listen to each other and think which idea is good and don’t think that your idea is always the best and if you always think like that and your team member always think like that too so the idea of the team won’t work because everyone thinks that their idea is the best so we don’t which one is a really good one.

Before I’m in this exploration what I know about CPR is just pushing somebody when they need it but when I learn about it then I get to know more about it that it not just pushing you also have to know how many time you are going to do it. and do they need it?

When I see people having emergency I’ll be just like don’t know what to do but after I learn it from outdoor leadership exploitation I know how to help people when they are having an emergency.

Before, what I know about how to make fire without lighter is mean that take the wood and role it but for now I know that we have to take a wood that has space for the wind to get in and out and we have to role it hard so that it will get hot and it will make fire.

After I learn a lot of things I also have fun with my friend there. We were playing hide and seek, we saw the sunset, we ear sweet tomato and marshmallow and one of our members even sleep work. One of the first and the best fun fact is that when we go to eat lunch at the rubber farm there was a chair that we can sit and we were sitting there at taking some photos after the photos V.R just get out and bong Dyna.S just come and sit V.R was telling him not to sit after V.R say it for maybe two second the chair just break bong Dyna.S was just falling down on me like on my back it was kind of hurt but I still can handle it and yeah it was fun. It was really really fun. I so enjoyed those moments but suddenly it was to short but also give me a lot of experience. Thank for my facilitator for making this trip and thank everyone that make this trip as a fun trip.


Community Documentary

I have an exploration call Community Documentary in this exploration we make a document about four villages and the village name Srey Sompong, Preyansea, Tro Pengleap, and Chrok Popol. For the pre-tip, we went to all four villages to interview people and we also get to know some of the worlds renew student and we also get to work with them. After that pre-trip, we discuss with our team member and world renew student about what topic should we interview for the next trip. After the discussion, we found out that three topics to interview people in that four villages. When we come back from that trip we learn how to edit the video with world renew student. Not just the video we also have to prepare the scrip to share with people in that four villages. I can say that it pretty hard to work in a team because we have a different idea and one more it hard to learn about Premia Pro because I’ve never done that and I have to learn how to edit video then I know myself that I can do it.  On the day that we have to present our work to people in all four villages in the first village that I have to present I feel a little bit nervous but for the second village that I have to present I feel pretty normal because I have an experience from the first village. On the last day of exploration, we have a sharation for everyone to know about our exploration and we also get to know about other exploration.

Technology / Multimedia

For multimedia class, we learn about program and what is program. We learned one of the code to make program work. Teacher us to let to do one plus two plus three until two hundred. Everyone said that it hard and some people say it is easy but forgot the strategy. After everyone try to solve that problem our teacher the short way to do it. After we know how to do it we also learned how to code. First, we let it solve the math and after we tell it to read and it will work like how we code it. We also learned about InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, and research skill. First, everyone has to choose a topic to research after choosing a picture to edit in Photoshop and Lightroom and finally put the photo and the information that you find in InDesign and share it to our teacher and that it.


In reading literacy, we learn about reading. We learned about the root words and we also have our homework parker about the root words to and we also have some work in that homework packet. We have a test every Monday about that root words and we only have it for only nine weeks to learn about the root words. In reading class, we have some websites to read such as Newsela, read work, and more and we also have flipgrid video make my our student. Teacher divides us into pairs to read about the biography of a person and make a video make a video to describe them. Every day we read the book and every month our teacher let us meet and share about the book that we read and everyone get to share the story that they read but not to everyone because if we share it to everyone because it spends more time so our teacher let us choose five people to share our story.

Khmer literacy

Khmer class is a very different class because in Khmer class we learn Khmer and we speak Khmer. In Khmer class we learn about how to report and we also practice how to report and we learn more thing about Khmer how to write a paragraph in Khmer way and we also make a poem. We have two mouths and a half to make a poem but if we can make more we can. Some of us make a poem and some people make more. After making the poem we also have to read that poem and not just one everyone has to read their poem. This is my poem.


ជាក្មេងកំព្រា រស់នៅវេទនា គ្មានអ្នកជិតដៃ

ទោះមានបងប្អូន មួយក្បូនហើយក្តី ប៉ុន្តែអ្វីៗ


ខ្លួនជាអ្នកក្រ រស់ទាំងត្រដរ គ្មានអ្វីបកស្រាយ

គេជេគេធាក់ គេដាក់មិនស្តាយ កើតមកក្រហើយ


ទោះជាក្រក្រី ទោះគេជេស្តី នៅតែមិនថា

ហើយខំប្រឹងរៀន លំបាកយ៉ាងណា ទោះបីគ្មានបា


ដោយសារខំប្រឹង លំបាកយ៉ាងនឹង ក៏នៅទ្រាំបាន

ទោះគ្មានអ្នកជួយ ឲ្យបានសុខសាន្ត តែខ្ញុំធ្វើបាន


គេដៀលគេថា ឈឺចិត្តផ្សាសផ្សា លើសពីរំពឹង

ប៉ុន្តែពេលនេះ ផុតអស់ទុក្ខនឹង គ្មានអ្វីត្រូវខឹង


អ្នកធ្លាប់អាក្រក់ ប្រែជាល្អអស់ ដោយសារកិច្ចការ

ដោយសាកិត្តិយស ខ្ពង់ខ្ពស់អស្ចារ្យ មើ៉លងាយយ៉ាងណា




In stem class, we learn about scient. We have to listen to our teacher to understand the lesson and sometime teacher let us read CK-12 to understand more and Experian learning my reading. Sometime when we want us to research he divide us in pare or group to research and answer the question that he asks. Sometimes we have divided us into groups and give us topics to research and present it for the next day. My team did it but when we researching we also got problems because some of the research a didn’t show us much information and some we didn’t find the information but it is also our experience how to research.

Math class

From 11-12 I have a class that always about to break my brain, that class is math class. As you know that we have to use our brain to think and do the math to get the answer, and sometimes our teacher device us in to pare or group to do our math work. The time that I want to talk about is when we learn about fraction and as what I said teacher device us into team to practice our fraction. The last fraction is really really confused. We tried to solve the problem but it still wrong. We kind of mad at that work and our teacher tell us to calm down and try to solve it again but its already time for lunch so we have to solve it again tomorrow. When we back to class our teacher Sam teach us how to solve that hard problem and finally we did it.

My personal learning

For my personal learning, I’ve learned Korean, Thai, and China. Even though I’ve learned many languages but I can’t speak any of them because I don’t really have much time to study this and one of the reason is that even though I have free time I still lazy to learn but luckily I can speak a little bit of Thai because I’ve lean it before. I hope that sometime I don’t feel lazy so that I can learn Thai and Korean. The reason that I want to stop learning Chinese because I want to learn Thai and Korean first and the reason that I learn Thai is that my house is kind of close to Thai that why I want to learn Thai and I hope that I can speak Thai when I visit Thailand. The reason that I learn Korean is that because my idea is Korean he is Chanyeol member in EXO I hope that one day I can listen to their song by not looking at the English Lyrics which mean I want to know what they mean when they speak and read their letter.