Khmer rouge

I’ve been joining Khmer rouge exploration. In this exploration, I’ve learned about the history of Cambodia, and especially during Khmer rouge. It’s such an amazing time for me to learn about my own country’s history. There are so many things that surprise me and that I’ve never tough in government school. It’s important to learn about our history because we need to know what was it like before the day we live in and also to not follow the bad things that our old leader have experience. To lead the better country you need to know how many leaders have failed to lead the country and you need to know the reason, after learning about the history you might have a better idea to change your country. In case of just learning in class, we did visit S-21 and Killing file to learn more about Khmer rouge and to see what did they use those places for? I learned more and was surprised by the information I’ve learned there. If you want to learn more about the history of Khmer rouge you can also visit S-21 or the Killing file in Cambodia.

Everyone in this exploration was so shocked and wanted to share with other people. The facilitator has an idea of bringing the staff in our school to those places so that we can give them a chance to learn about our country’s history. I was so happy to be able to lead people there because as you know learning about our country’s history is important. 

Household garden

Household garden is an exploration about planting vegetables in every household. As we know, there are not many Cambodian are planting vegetables in their house, instate they go to the market to buy those vegetables even though they know that the vegetables are chemical. Most people buy vegetables from the market, even if they know that farmers use chemicals but they still buy it. Those people don’t really want to eat those vegetables but they don’t have any other choice. The goals of this exploration are to convince Cambodian to plant their own vegetables so they don’t have to buy those vegetables with lots of chemicals. We also want to change the opinion of the farmers from using chemical to organic. We are also going to teach them how to make compost so that they can use it. We have been to Takeo province to learn about the vegetable and how to make organic fertilizer and organic pesticides. We also went to Saang village to interview people about their planting. This is my reflection from the trip.

Trip to Saang

My goal to Saang district is to know what people use for the plant(Chemical or organic)? I think that most people in Saang use chemicals but I want to know, how many Farmer are using organic. I have heard the rumor about putting vegetables into chemical leave it for a night and it will grow really fast, from the size of the thump to the size of wrists. I have heard about that then I wanna make sure is it true?

I’ve learned so many things from the trip. I and my exploration members have interviewed 25 people. As we interview we have known that none of them use organic, they all use chemicals. Also, a few of them want to try to use organic but they don’t have enough resources to use organic. Besides that people don’t want to try to use organic because they think that no one in that village uses organic and if they use it they afraid that it won’t work because no one has experienced it. They mostly pant salad and sugar palm in that village. They use chemical on everything even the sugar palm but they use put less on it because they don’t need much chemical. I’ve also learned about the rumor that I wonder about. It’s real! People use it when they need to. Example the cucumber, if the cucumber is the size of the thump and the middle man really need it for sale, the farmers have to use those chemicals to make it grow fast for just overnight so the middle man will have it for sale for tomorrow. Sometimes, we know that the cucumber is used in the overnight chemical by cutting it to see the middle of it and if there are whole in the middle it means that cucumber used in chemical. There is also chemical for the plant not to grow tall. People don’t want the plant to grow tall because they want the plant to grow to the side and it looks bigger and most customers like it because they don’t know that it’s chemical.

For one day, I’ve learned about chemical, what they plant how many are using chemical? how many people wanna try to use organic? I also know more about the rumor. In the future, I hope that I can change their mindset, not everything but at least something. I would like to do a workshop with them about the effect of using chemical and also to teach them how to make compost.


In literacy class this first round of year four I’ve learned about the Vietnam war. In class, we also read a poem called “inside out and back again”. I’ve read lots of articles about the Vietnam war and also read a lot of parts of the poem “inside out and back again”. We read those articles and to understand it more we have to find evidence and understand the word tone. We have done lots of quick write and lots of homework to understand more about the article. “Inside out and back again” is a fictional poem but it’s about the Vietnam war and it also includes some facts about the war. I have also improved my writing skills. I’m happy to see myself improving my skill and I also hope to do it better every time.

Multimedia Storytelling

EXO, WE ARE ONE. There were so many things that happened to EXO. I’ve known some about it and I can see that there are so many things happened to those amazing people. Sad, happy, excited, everything happened to them. This shows that being a k-pop idol is not easy but also fun and being loved by so many people. I personally like to listen to EXO songs, they are really good, especially when I’m feeling down. I’ve learned a lot by making this timeline. I’ve learned about how to make this timeline because it’s the first time for me and also I’ve learned more about EXO. 

Here is the link to my timeline, try it out….


Multimedia storytelling

It’s been 13 years that an airport in Battambong city has developed. Most places are developing and the trees are also gone time by time. But this place is different from others, while it’s developing the tree are also start increasing. Even people don’t use this place like an airport anymore but this place still develops. And if you want to see how much this place has changed please click 

How I change Cambodia.

Sharing your knowledge to 45 students all by yourself. Can you imagine what it’s like? 

It okay for a teacher to teach 45 students but it hard for a little girl like me to teach 45 students plus a teacher. My friends have spent a seven-week study on plastic and I’ve learned some from them at the sharation day when students at my school share about what they have learned. After listening to my friend sharation I’ve been interested in an exploration call `plastic exploration. I’ve learned how plastic effect the eath and what we can do to help these problems. After I’ve learned this I can see that to help with these problems we can’t do it by our self, we need everyone in the world to help. I’ve been sharing this message and ask to help from 45 students in my government school. I’ve shared what problems will cause when we use plastic? And what can we do to help with it? I shared those message and asked them to share it with their family and their friend that are not there when I present. It’s easy to share what you know but it hard to share it with a lot of people, you need a lot of work and confident. Even if I can’t talk to people all around the word about this but at least I did help by sharing my knowledge to kids that haven’t study about it and help them to take action. I’m happy to be a part to change my country.


In science this round I’ve learned about Newton’s law of motion. There are three law in Newton’s law of motion. The first law is about force of motion. Newton’s first law of motion states that an object’s motion will not change unless an unbalanced force acts on the object. If the object is at rest, it will stay at rest. If the object is in motion, it will stay in motion. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion. The inertia of an object depends on its mass. Objects with greater mass have greater inertia. To overcome inertia, an unbalanced force must be applied to an object. The second-newton laws of Motion are about Acceleration, Force, and Mass. Newton’s second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object equals the net force acting on the object divided by the object’s mass. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling on an object of a given mass. It equals the mass of the object (in kilograms) times the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s2). The third Newton laws of motion are about Action and Reaction. Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Momentum is a property of a moving object that makes it hard to stop. It equals the object’s mass times its velocity. When action and reaction occur, momentum may be transferred from one object to another, but their combined momentum remains the same. This is the law of conservation of momentum. Moreover, then Newton’s laws, we have learned about Fluid Forces and Work and Machines. Finally, we had an opportunity to do an experiment about Fluid Force with eggs and glass bottles here you can take a look!

Literacy round 5

In literacy, this round is independent work. Actually, our teacher has tasks for us to do but we just have to manage our time for the tasks, what day will you do it? 

What time will you do it? And, why are you doing it? I like this type of study because I can manage my time about my task and I also have some free time at night with my friends. This doesn’t give me a rush because I have more time to do it but before my class changes the pattern I was always in a rush and I have homework every night. So what did I do in my independent work? I did HICC, reading skill and novel reading. HICC is How I change Cambodia. This is how I share with people what did I change my country even in a small way. In reading skill time I need to read and do some exercise to warm up my brain for literacy and at least read something for a day. For novel reading, each student has to pick a book to read and after the students read their book they have to do book report to show what did they read and what did they have learned from the book.

Math round 5

In math class this round I’ve learned about algebra, negative number and integers, coordinate graphs, rate and last but not least, speed. Algebra is a type of math that we solve problems with number and letter, example: x + 2 = 8, find the value of x. Algebra is also mean to find the value of the letter. 

Negative numbers and integers, negative number is a number that less than 0 and it goes to the left of the line. Integers are the numbers that have the value more than -1 and it goes to the right of the line. 

Coordinate graph is a graph that we use to locate point. A number on the x-axis called an x-coordinate, and a number on the y-axis called a y-coordinate. 

Rate is a graph that shows the change of number. We use rate to see and to show how the value of thing change and some company use rate to see how the business go.

Speed is the distance that we traveled per unit of time. It tells how fast an object move.  The higher speed the faster it a thing move.


HOORAY! It’s been a round of study but hmmm what did I learn in literacy class. For this round, I’ve learned a lot about happiness. What is happiness? How can we achieve it? Why it is important? I watched a video about a happy man. I hope you know Mr. happy man. He is a really happy man. He went to the road every day to say Hi! and to say I love you. He said, “People may be happy when they know that they are loved by someone.” A girl that ride past that road every day said “ In the morning I was made, On my way to work I saw a man who stays near the road and waving at other people and says I love you. First I pretend that I didn’t see him because I was made but I can’t control myself. When I look at him I feel better. I feel like this old man can smile why I can’t and I know that love me and I feel really happy because I know that I’m loved by someone.” After watching the video it’s inspired me to smile more, don’t think about problems too much and don’t forget to show people that you love them so that they make feel better when they drop down. I’ve also written an essay about how to be happy. Let’s see what did I write.


How to be happy when you are sad

Everyone in this world has this one feeling which is sadness. Sadness is emotional pain. And I know that it’s hard to control yourself when you are sad. When people talking about funny things or joke but it seems like those are not joking to you at all. Everyone has that one feeling. Don’t you worry it’ll be fine. Below are the ideas of “ how to be happy?”

Talk to a friend about your problem.

For me whenever I feel sad I’ll always talk to my best friend and if you feel the same way please try to talk to your friend, the one that you feel close with to share your story. Also when you are taking with them it’s okay for you to cry because crying can also release your sadness. When I talk to some about my problem I feel like someone know about me. They know that I’m sad they know what happened to me. Sometimes the person that you talk to may have the same problem as you and you may know each other more.

Listen to music

Sometimes talking to a friend just talking with a friend is not enough you need to open your mind and think about something happy or the good thing that may happen in your future. You can also try to listen to your favorite music, or do what you like to do, and sometimes you may think about the fun times that you have been through. For me, I live with another friend so when they are having a joke or story to share I might just go and listen to them maybe the story is so good that I may forget that sadness.  

Be Happy with what you have

Amanda Bynes has said, “People should find happiness in the little things, like family.” When you are sad and you want to be happy, know that you are lucky that you are alive. There are many atoms that chasing you to get born and grow and being a human and they didn’t get it but you get it. Always remember that you are lucky and you are the best and happy with it. Tell yourself that you should be happy because you are alive. Always to remember that there are reasons to be happy but you may not notice it so thinks about what you have and be happy about it.