In my project, I’ve learned about engineering I’ve also learned about simple machine and what is engineering? There are six types of engineering those are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. I’ve learned about engineering because I want to know more about engineering and I want to do something to help my country about engineering. I choose engineering and I’ve learned a lot about it. I’ve been to three government school to eat kids on six grade about a little engineering and teach them to make something creative that Liger student thought of. The trip was great I got to meet a lot of kids and my team even teach kids about frisbee and it was fun and educational.


For this round math class, I’ve learned about the angle. I’ve learned about type and name of angle there are acute angle, right angle, straight angle, reflex angle, and obtuse angle. In class, I’ve solved many problems and it’s kind of hard. Angle has a lot of tricky question. Because angle has a lot of names it’s hard for me to remember, but I still remember that there are vertically opposite, complementary angles, supplementary angle and one other has no name.

How I change Cambodia

My name is Lyhour I’m 13 years old I study at Liger Leadership Academy. Liger is the best project leaning school. we start to change Cambodia by doing some project. such as Geography, Entrepreneurship, Human of Cambodia and Amazing Bamboo.

For Geography exploration,

I learned about Geography this project makes us know something amazing in our country and we also made the book to share to Cambodia kids to know about their country. Example when did Angkor started and also some of the histories of each province in Cambodia. Entrepreneurship, in this project we learn how to make a business. The business also teaches us to make a thing that no volume to have volume it teaches us about making the thing that no value to having value.   As you know the trash has no value so we can create trash to be something like a necklace and wire string to wire string rings.


Human of Cambodia, in this exploration we learn about people in Cambodia. We went to some place to interview people about their life story. After the interview, we take their quote and their picture to put in our school. we have the share ration in school and we have been to Meta house, we share the story the quote and we also have some pictures for them. This exploration helps us understand people in Cambodia.


Amazing bamboo, in this exploration we learn how to make the thing from bamboo example pencil case, cup jewelry and more. Do you know there are many bamboos in Cambodia? Some people cut down bamboo to sale but what if we just stop cutting too much bamboo to be just a little and we the bamboo that we cute is not for sale to the other country but we take that bamboo to me something creative. All of this is what I have learned from Liger and myself. What I can help Cambodia is I have to teach this thing and explain them. No one will help you if you don’t help yourself.


Secret code

Have you ever want to send a message but you don’t want other people to understand that massage beside the person that you send to. In code club, there is a lesson that we code about secret massage. When you code you have to put a key for the code, it has to number but it’s can be any number. For me, I choose number three. When you write something to your friend you can use that key to help if you say “hi” the turn to “kl”. Why? The reason that it’s show “kl” because as I said if you put the key it will move the letter three forward and also you have to tell computer by coding you have to put [ newPosition = ( position + key) % 26 ] so that when you write something the later will move forward but if you receive a secret message you can ask the person that sent the message to you about, what key did they use so that you can understand the code, also when you receive the code you need to chat from [ newPosition = ( position + key) % 26 ] to [ newPosition = ( position – key) % 26 ] so that when you take the secret message to the code it shows what that people mean. You can this yourself.

Hope you understand and enjoy.


In this term of school in technology and multimedia class, I’ve learned about coding. There are many coding such as Booleans, Comparisons, Indentation, If statement, Elif statement, Else statement, And, Or, No and While loop, Coding is hard but I like coding because it’s challenging us to code something. My teacher Cindy has homework for us on codeboard and we have a week to do it. It’s hard for me to do some coding I thought I hate coding but I solve the coding problem that my teacher put for me I feel like I’m proud fo my self that I can do that code and I feel like I like it.


In literacy class, we learn about reading and writing. The point that we learn and I feel that it is so important is an argumentative essay. The reason why I say it’s important is that I understand more about it and I can use it when I grown up. It’s very important to know how to write about this argumentative essay and there how mine look like.

World should ban deforestation.

Thesis: Even though cutting down trees can provide furniture, paper, habitats to human, and more things, deforestation should be banned due to climate change, no or less rainfall and air pollution.


Climate change is one of the reasons that could cause death. According to the goal of  world health organization, To improve equity in health, reduce health risks, promote healthy lifestyles and settings, and respond to the underlying determinants of health. Had show “between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year.” This is a dangerous thing that could decrease the population. According to the theguardian newspaper “Deforestation, and especially the destruction of rainforests, is a hugely significant contributor to climate change” (written by Joseph Stiglitz). This means that when there is no tree there will be more climate change going on. Tree keep us cold or worm by the season and if there is no tree the climate will change to be warmer and hotter. Many people die every year because of heat. We don’t want people to keep die every year so please stop cutting down the tree. Did you know that 70% of our body is water and if we didn’t drink enough water it’s going to make us tired and not have energy which could cause us to die. The United Nations has written seventeen goals for developing countries and hopes that they will be achieved by 2030. Information relation to Goal number 6, which is the goal to promote clean water and sanitation, said that “Millions of people including children die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. And each day, nearly 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diarrheal diseases”. This is telling that many people die because they don’t have water to drink. why don’t they have enough water? According to BBC, Over 40 people die of thirst in Sahara. As you know in Sahara there are not many trees so which is the reason why there are so many deaths. Trees attract water from the sky that why it makes rain and if there is no tree there are going to be less rain of no rain at all and when there no rain which mean no water and if no water people can’t live, they might go to another place or you might stay there and die. Imagine if in the world had no trees and people are dying of thirst.  To protect this problem what we all can do is to stop cutting down the tree from now on. Tree can also help with air pollution. According to website name ScienceDaily, The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution. Research published in 2005 suggests that 310,000 Europeans die from air pollution annually. As you what you see pollution kill people, destroy climate change and more things. Did you know that trees can help reduce air pollution? Trees help us by absorbing the air pollution into itself and turns it into clean oxygen. If there is no tree people will die every day and year because there will be nothing that can help us with the pollution. Not just trees can help us, some other things can help us too but trees are much better because tree absorbs the air pollution. As world health organization, said “25% of all heart disease deaths are attributable to air pollution. Air pollution causes 2.4 million deaths due to heart disease every year” as people keep dying every year the population will decrease. Information from weforum, China has sent 60,000 soldiers to plant trees. Research published in 2015 said that 1.6 million people in China die each year from heart, lung and stroke problems because of polluted air. Air pollution is one of the dangerous things that happened and it kills many people in China which is why China has sent 60,000  soldiers to plant trees because they want to protect their populace from air pollution.


Math class

In math class, we have learned about multiply and divide fraction, perimeter, area, and surface area. I really like all the things that I’ve learned because it challenging and it even about to break my brain. It’s challenging but fun because sometimes we have to talk in team how to solve that problem and when we get the wrong answer we tell out member how can we get that answer and we ask our teacher is the answer is right or wrong and we disease more about it. Even though I just learned how to solve those problems but I still need to review sometime because I might forget or confused about it so everything that I have learned I have to review it so that I won’t forget it. Perimeter, area and surface area, this is very challenging and all the challenging that I have been through made me like it because you have to use your brain to solve and I like to use my brain so that next time I can use it on the harder problem easily.


In stem class, we learn about the periodic table, what is it? Who they put in order and more. STEM is one of my favorite class because I’ve learned a lot about the interesting fact. Sometimes stem class it hard for me to catch the lesson because as you know stem has their own words and sometimes I don’t even understand what is that mean and that why I can’t catch up and that what I usually do it’s just sometimes. I learn about some fact and interesting things and that inspire me about my passion is that I love to be a doctor so I always tell myself to study hard especially this class because doctors are connected with STEM. We also do some experiment about the reaction of comical. I’ve watched some magic trick and when they pure the water into another cup it turns in to other colors and I really want to know how can they do it but when I’ve learned and done some experiment I know how it changes and what is the trick they put in it.  


In this class for this round, we have learned a lot about the camera, not just photos camera we also learned about the video camera and the microphone. We also get a chance to try it just like how it works and how to set it up. Teacher has divided us into four teams and let us try one of the things that we have learned.  There are many things that we have learned so our teacher has put it one of the things in one place and let us try and when it is 15 minute she will let us got to another place so that we can try other things. I’ve missed some of the lessons because I’ve been on a trip so it kind of hard for me to catch up because we have a test about the setting the camera. I have learned much more things in class such as storytelling, premier source, and secondary source and more.

Outdoor leadership

In this project, we have learned a lot of things. We also have trip repliction to know what we have learned in each trip and there it is!

Kirirom Trip

It’s been great on this trip. We have learned many things. We have to walk 3km to get to the waterfall. When we get to the waterfall, teachers told us to write a reflection about the waterfall and everyone was quiet and did a good job what teachers have told us to do. After that reflection, we have to walk back 3km to get to the big road. When we arrived the big road, we were losing where to go but we have the map and we were asking people about the place that we want to go because not anyone of us has been there before. We when to Sras Srong to see the view. Our teacher saw that place was a good place to camp so our teacher told us that we have to sleep here. We have a problem with cooking because the gas doesn’t work. But we all try hard to find wood and make campfire and luckily we found a thing that we can make the fire in it easier. Some of us are hungry but we still wait for everyone to have their food and it is such as sweet time that we have together. At night we have some marshmallow to eat and it is my first to born marshmallow at eating it with chocolate and thing like that. At night we sit around campfire and share about what when well, what didn’t go well and what we hope that it will happen tomorrow.

In the morning it was raining really hard so some of still sleeping in tents. After the rain has gone we get out of the tent and do some exercises. Then we start playing ninja game and then the rain comes again. So we have to stay there for about 30-40 minute. The rain was gone so we have to keep moving to another place call Otasek. The road is so small to walk and there is some tree that falls down across the road that hard for us to walk across but because we help each other and we all can go across it and have fun together.

Mondol Kiri trip:

We have spent four and three night in Mondol Kiri it has been such as good. We have learned a lot in that trip for me before I thought that I couldn’t work for ten Km but on this trip, I’ve worked for 12 Km so I proud of my self that I can do it. After that trip, I always tell my self that I can do it even though I think that I can’t do it because the future is unknown. I’ve also learned how to work in teams, how to do CPR, how to save people life when they get accident, how to build fire without lighter and special one is that how to take care of myself when I’m sick because I was sick on that trip and it is not a good time to sick because we have to work and if I’m sick how can I walk by myself and I can’t explore thing if I’m sick so I have to control my self from sickness to better so that I can do what my friends can do.

It was hard for me sometime to work in team because we have different idea so what I can do is listen to each other and think which idea is good and don’t think that your idea is always the best and if you always think like that and your team member always think like that too so the idea of the team won’t work because everyone thinks that their idea is the best so we don’t which one is a really good one.

Before I’m in this exploration what I know about CPR is just pushing somebody when they need it but when I learn about it then I get to know more about it that it not just pushing you also have to know how many time you are going to do it. and do they need it?

When I see people having emergency I’ll be just like don’t know what to do but after I learn it from outdoor leadership exploitation I know how to help people when they are having an emergency.

Before, what I know about how to make fire without lighter is mean that take the wood and role it but for now I know that we have to take a wood that has space for the wind to get in and out and we have to role it hard so that it will get hot and it will make fire.

After I learn a lot of things I also have fun with my friend there. We were playing hide and seek, we saw the sunset, we ear sweet tomato and marshmallow and one of our members even sleep work. One of the first and the best fun fact is that when we go to eat lunch at the rubber farm there was a chair that we can sit and we were sitting there at taking some photos after the photos V.R just get out and bong Dyna.S just come and sit V.R was telling him not to sit after V.R say it for maybe two second the chair just break bong Dyna.S was just falling down on me like on my back it was kind of hurt but I still can handle it and yeah it was fun. It was really really fun. I so enjoyed those moments but suddenly it was to short but also give me a lot of experience. Thank for my facilitator for making this trip and thank everyone that make this trip as a fun trip.